Tourette Syndrome Genetics
                          The Southern and Eastern Europe Initiative

funded by the Tourette Syndrome Association, Inc.

Project Aims

The following specific aims are going to be pursued:

Creation of a network of geneticists and psychiatrists in seven different countries in Eastern and Southern Europe with a goal to promote the study of TS genomics and educate both the public and professionals about the disorder. Countries that will initially participate will include Greece, Albania, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Ukraine and Russia. An open call for additional collaborators will be announced.

Establishment of biobank of samples from individuals with TS and their parents.

Standardization of diagnostic criteria used for characterization of patients according to the standards set forth by the TSAICG.

Creation of database containing detailed phenotypic information about participating individuals.

Collection of blood and plasma samples from approximately 350 families with one affected child with TS from all six countries. Blood samples are going to be used for DNA extraction. These samples are going to be added to the DNA samples from 100 families with one child affected with TS, already collected in Hungary (total of 450 families).

Genotyping of collected samples for variants reported to be associated/linked to TS by the recent TSAICG genome screen and recent studies of genes in the dopaminergic and serotonergic pathways (monoamine oxidase-A, dopamine transporter and tryptophan hydroxylase-2).

Analysis of results using existing and novel statistical techniques.

Creation of project website that will serve as a forum for researchers interested in TS genetics in Eastern and Southern Europe as well as individuals with TS and educators in this region.

Description of the project aims and invitation for new collaborations.

Posting of TS related articles addressing both scientists and the general public.

Dissemination of study results.